Patient Testimonials

“I’m glad that I switched chiropractors! Dr. Amber and the team make sure that I’m feeling great every time I leave. The personalized care that I get from University Chiropractic and Wellness is exactly what I need to address my health care needs. I’m on my way to wellness!”

– Colleen D.

“This place is fantastic! I went there as I had low back pain due to long hours sitting at the computer every day. Since I met with Dr. Amber, my back has felt so good.”

– Ali K.

“My mobility has increased 80%. I forgot how great it feels to be pain-free.”

– Amy C.

“Now, I no longer limp. I can tie shoes and sleep all night long.”

– Kathy J.

“Chiropractic care with Dr. Amber helped to alleviate the pain in my neck and shoulders caused by nursing my daughter.”

– Ashley K.

“The Patriot Project is the best that could have happened to me. I could not see a chiropractor when I was in the army. I left the army miserable because of the problems I have. Now that I have been seeing Dr. Amber, I feel way better and my body does not hurt as much anymore. I am very thankful for The Patriot Project. It is helping me get my life back.”

– Phillip C.

“I highly recommend this amazing group of professionals for your chiropractic care. Their approach is comprehensive and spot on! I have had a long history of chiropractic therapy and no one comes close to the treatment I receive at University Chiropractic and Wellness. Get ready to finally say goodbye to aches and pain.”

– Diane O. (via Facebook)

“I love this place. I have been going since about when they opened and I tell everyone about them. I feel better and I love how I am treated when I go there. They help out veterans as well. I had serious issues with my neck and didn’t know what was wrong until Dr. Amber told me, now we are working to fix it. They do not make you feel like a number – you are a friend. I bought this wonderful water pillow from them and I love it. It has helped my headaches so much. I would recommend this office to anyone looking for a genuine, caring atmosphere where they are all about helping people.”

– Denise S. (via Facebook)

“Dr Amber and her staff are wonderful, personable, and attentive. They really listen and help patients to leave feeling better. When I started chiropractic care with them, I didn’t know what to expect. Months of physical therapy after an accident had helped a bit, but working with the staff here I regained range of motion in my neck that I hadn’t had in over three years and the care I received helped reduce my pain level significantly. Definitely recommend!”

– Johanna P. (via Google)

“I was referred to Dr. Amber and Alaina by a friend of mine after having moved to the area and previously seeing my previous chiropractor for 20+ years. I didn’t know what to expect and was honestly nervous about switching my care to a new team. I’ve had some very serious injuries over the last few years, and sometimes the pain brings me to a point of tears. However, there was absolutely no need for concern. The team is incredibly warm and caring. The facility is immaculately clean and well cared for. Dr. Amber is an incredibly effective adjuster and looks for ways to solve issues my other doctors didn’t even bother trying to resolve. Alaina — well, I can’t begin to say enough thanks for the way she has saved me out of extreme pain. Pinched nerves, dislocated vertebra, inability to move my neck, numbness in extremities, and I suffer from extreme TMJ in my jaw, she has worked through it all with me. There have been moments where I was on the table and tears of relief would uncontrollably stream down my face. I hadn’t realized how bad the pain had gotten until she relieved it. I am so thankful to have this team and this place in my life. Couldn’t recommend them more.”

– Natalie H. (via Google)

“This chiropractic facility in Kent Ohio is a wonderful facility its very clean and well put together. I am a patient here and will be for a long time. The doctor is wonderful. Great place for first timers deciding whether or not a chiropractor is right for you. Give them a try you will definitely be impressed without the pressure of other chiropractic facilities. Every time I go for treatment I feel as there number 1 priority and observing that’s how they try and make all there patients feel. They will take x-rays to see where you stand as far as what shape your in even without pain. I promise if you don’t need chiropractic care they will advise you of that. Honesty from the staff but especially the doctor is what got me to remain a patient here. I hope this helps anyone who is skeptical give it a try you will be as impressed as I was and still am.”

– Justin M. (via Google)

“The service and treatment here are great. All the paperwork was unexpectedly easy and they took care of all the insurance. The chiropractic adjustments and therapeutic massages have really helped with the tensions and knots in my back and neck.”

– Jeff J. (via Google)